Susan Delaney

I love arting. I love loose, expressive arting, usually involving watercolors or acrylics, and often with the addition of some kind of marks, collage and/or image transfer.
In the western Canadian landscape, I tend to see the sweeping forms and broad colors, and like to express that in my painting.
In all my work I like to create energy and variation - something which is dynamic at all levels whether it be in the composition, the strokes and marks, the colors, lines, forms ... you get the idea. 
I'm just as happy to sell directly to you, if you'd prefer that just message me. And if you live in the area and would like to pick your painting up instead of having it shipped, let me know - I'd love to meet you.

If experience and credentials are of interest to you...
I have an Honors Bachelor of Arts in Art History from the University of Western Ontario, and am a graduate of the Visual Art Diploma program at Red Deer College. I was a visual art writer and editor in Alberta for many years, and have had a professional studio practice here since before 2009. I have always been interested in landscape painting, as well as hand-made and altered books and – most recently – exploring personal vision through mixed media and abstraction. I have exhibited widely in the Red Deer area, in Edmonton, Black Diamond (Alberta), and Vancouver. Message me any time for a complete CV.


Keep all works of art (except ceramics and some kinds of sculpture) away from sunlight, and keep them dry. The bathroom and kitchen are good places for reproductions, as the moisture in the air will quickly destroy any artwork that lives there (fastest if it's a work on papier).

Keep works on paper (watercolour, mixed media, drawing, prints, etc.) away from direct and indirect sunlight, and make sure they are professionally framed under UV glass, to keep them as safe as possible. They WILL fade, and very fast if exposed to sunlight. No conservationist can fix this for you, for any amount of money.

Yupo is a relatively new "paper" made of polypropylene, with many wonderful qualities. The surface of works on Yupo, especially watercolor, is especially vulnerable to scratching and smudging, even when fixed or varnished. Avoid touching the surface and keep dry. Make sure your framer knows how to handle these pieces.

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